Starting from zero in a +1 world

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It’s 2019. You’re a graduate, or a young adult new to the workforce, and you’re researching a company you’re interested in working for. You head to the ‘About’ section of the corporate’s website, your cursor poised to select the ‘Careers’ tab. The next section you’ll head for is ‘Our People’.

Banning digital devices in schools will heighten the inequality of access to digital careers

Teach a generation to create, not consume, content on social media

‘It is not permitted to use your smartphone in the library.’

‘Phones on silent, please. I won’t tell you again.’

If you’ve been out of high school for at least a year, the memories of having limited access to your phone have mostly faded — luckily for us, right? But…

Once, in an internship application, I was asked: ‘if you were given £250k to achieve a [business] dream or goal, how would you use the money? And if you were given £10 to achieve the same goal, what would you do?’

Despite the pressure of an encroaching deadline, this in-depth…

The hierarchy imposed by education is merely a game of smoke and mirrors, with no true value lying beneath. It’s time to revive the legacy of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs: what did he want for education?

I recently read the biography ‘Steve Jobs’ by Walter Isaacson, and I was struck by the similarity between myself, as an educational innovator, and the creative and multi-faceted disruptor that was Apple’s Steve. Maybe he wasn’t such a great guy to work with, or your typical family man. …

People’s understanding of blockchain is still not where it should be. But is content distribution on the blockchain the best way to bridge the gap to the general public?

Creativity and technology have always been inextricably linked. Any tech company, no matter how great their product or their team of developers, need that creative spark to make sure their brand is good quality. Recently, at a Meetup event run by London’s …

‘Every time I watch something, I learn something from it.’ Or do I?

These four social media sites host a variety of original content, and three have a dashboard style UX design.

How much time do we spend watching videos and consuming content online? Like many of my generation, I spend the majority of my free time consuming content in a digital form — from a smartphone, an iPad, or a Kindle. On social media sites such as Instagram, we are bombarded…

In a world where sharing our data with tech companies is causing widespread panic, futurists take a different view

Tech City, Old Street © Melissa Tranfield, 2018

Technology. First of all, using the word ‘technology’ as an umbrella term to describe our future is hardly accurate. We aren’t going to be living in a world dominated by ‘technology’ — a terrifying beast that we can’t control. …

Melissa Tranfield

Software engineering apprentice. EdTech, FinTech, politics, innovation. Founder of EDIFY @edifyldn

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